About me

This is a quick "master online profile" page of mine, with links to some scattered resources on the web. In case you're wondering if I'm the right Ivan, I've mostly lived in Belgrade but you might know me from Dublin, Doha, Zaragoza, Oklahoma, Panama... If you would like to contact me, please do so through my Facebook profile or by emailing to ivan@vecanski.com


I work in IT, you can check my profile at LinkedIn. If we've worked or studied together feel free to add me as a connection.


I enjoy travelling and photography and the links below contain some photos, mostly from our trips:
Checkout my flickr collection


These are some of my hobby websites:


A very long time ago I was a singer in a punk rock band called Pobuna. All the songs we recorded are downloadable from here if you care (and dare!) to listen.


I can be reached at ivan@vecanski.com